1. Thoughts.


    Why all the rude insinuations?! Or was that just me…

    Awesome episode - Zane’s a free man, bitches!

    And Henry, poor Henry :( But he’s fine, he’s getting MARRIED again!

    Warehouse 13:


    I laughed (Pete, mostly.)

    I cried. (Claudia, oh Claudia! My heart is breaking!)

    I squee-ed. (Pete. Myka. Skipping. Need I say more?)

    I got over-excited. (So, I totally thought that was Todd watching Claudia sing, but then I remembered Fargo was in this episode and he wasn’t even in the same place as Claudia… But I frakking MISS Todd!)

    I cringed. (Claudia as the Princess - awesome idea and I totally guessed it and :D but GIRLY CLAUDIA?! Me no likey.)

    I fangirled. (Seriously, everything from Lord Of The Rings to Peter Rabbit was referenced in this episode. Yay!)

    And that is all for now :)

    One more question…

    If Fargo gave up being head of GD to train for the Astraus Mission, and incidentally fall in love with Holly, what’s he doing setting up ‘Fargame’ (amazing name, by the way) and making Claudia the Princess?

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  2. approachthebar answered: I’m guessing that the timelines are off and that this ep takes place before the start of this season of Eureka.
  3. captain-killian-jones answered: It’s Fargo. Did we really expect him to make sense?
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