1. Awesome Mix Vol. 1

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  2. note to self download this soundtrack

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  6. orphan black clone club tatiana maslany incredible woman fangirlin

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    Just dance.

    Everything else in life is irrelevant but this

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  8. orphan black how i love you all so fangirlin clone club

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  10. he tried so hard i don't know why she couldn't see the good in him and come to trust him tyrion lannister sansa stark

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  12. that was lovely sleeping at last 500 miles audio

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  14. oh wow game of thrones when you play the game of thrones you win or you die or you sit on the tube and consider your mistakes :( got richard madden pedro pascal oberyn martell robb stark

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    the end credits of game of thrones are on a black background specifically so you can see the look of horror on your face reflected in your computer screen

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  16. accurate fangirlin game of thrones got

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    I think Arya’s fucking done. 

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  18. she so done arya stark lady arya of winterfell my bb maisie williams got game of thrones

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  20. funneh

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    [I Will Love You] from The Beatrice Letters by Lemony Snicket

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  22. words lemony snicket i will love you letters to beatrice fangirlin

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    Neil deGrasse Tyson on how unrepresentative our representatives are

    Tyson/Nye 2016

    TYSON // NYE 2016

    My fucking hero

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  25. “ It must be a soul mate thing.  

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  26. swarkles himym meant to be perfect relationship fangirlin how i met your mother

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  27. "Only Cat."He gave her a short, sharp shove.

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  28. i love him but i hate him he's so grrr but also one of the best characters like omg so clever and complex but grrr i hate you and your meddling with sansa and just let her be the majestic being we all know she is but also he's helping her become that majestic being by being so clever and complex in front of her so she becomes clever and complex and i kinda think that one day she'll be the littlefinger of kings landing arya will be the badass murdering queen on the iron throne and sansa will be her cunning and clever hand and together they shall rule the WORLD wait what was i talking about? oh yeh petyr hate that guy game of thrones got fangirlin tv hbo

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  30. my bb i will be your champion oberyn martell martell clan are the best got game of thrones

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